The planet needs you – FACTS

Second international student meeting, 17.05.2021

In May, we met online with 76 students and teachers to present each other selected regional facts and problems caused by climate change or affecting the climate. For example:

Forest dieback in North-Rhine Westphalia, rising temperatures in Barcelona, effects of the current volcanic eruption in Iceland, increasing floods in Bavaria.

The fact how the temperatures are rising over the years in the Barcelona region was explained by the students of Eugeni Xammar Highschool.

Here is an extract from their presentation:

Take a look at the complete presentation:

Forest dieback in North Rhine Westphalia is a huge problem, the students from Hövelhof wanted to explain to the other ERASMUS-students. They choosed the YouTube- video “Lieber Wald”/ “Dear forest” which described the dramatic situation from different point of views. Before showing the video the students presented the opinions of the people explaining the importance and current situation of the forest.

The students from Ingunnarskolí showed a presentation how the volcano eruption in Geldingadalur affects the climate and how volcanoes change the country.

How Bavaria and the region around Friedberg is affected by climate change was subject of the presentation of Konradin-Realschule.