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Activities in Hövelhof – Teambuilding-/ Sport games at Ahorn-Sportpark

On Monday we took a bus to Ahorn Sportpark.

The group was divided into 3 mixed teams. In the first part, the groups solved 3 puzzles/tasks. Then there was a little break and after that  they solved 3 more puzzles. All of them required a lot of cooperation and the participants had to talk a lot and help each other in every possible way.

The puzzles were as follows.

  • Drive a mini bike and solve certain puzzles while blindfolded.
  • Walking across a board. The students had to find the right way through the board, which was a floor cloth with 64 squares on it (8×8). Only one way was right and if they made a mistake they had to start over and try to remember the right way.
  • Students had to get their teammates through a giant spider web without touching the ropes it was made of.
  • The students had to hold onto a bungee ladder and one of the group had to walk over the ladder to the end and jump down.
  • The students stood in a straight line and had some kind of gutters and let a ball  roll down the gutters one after the other and at the end the ball had to go into a bucket.
  • Students had to build a tower out of wooden blocks. They had a specially made hook that they had to control with ropes and hook the blocks one by one and arrange them into a tower.

It was a ranking competition and everyone did a great job.

After this good day, everyone went home happy.

(E. Gudlaugsdottir & G. Bjarnadottir)