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Franz-Stock-Realschule is a technically well equipped modern secondary school with approximately 475 pupils and 37 teachers. Our school is located in the small town of Hövelhof between Paderborn and Bielefeld. The school’s motivation to join the project is to continue the successful work with our partnership schools to strengthen the good educational network from former projects, but most importantly it is the subject of climate change that gives us and our students the motivation of being active in a European group and discuss and find solutions the students themselves can integrate into their daily life.
We are experienced in exchanges with France over the past 40 years and have taken part in a previous Erasmus+ project.
Our students are between 10-16 years old, starting in year 5 and leaving after year 10. In each year we have a class specializing in playing each one a musical instrument. In years 5 and 6 we work together on the social skills of our students. From year 7 the students have the choice to focus on different subjects like informatics, french, technology, natural sciences and social sciences.
From 8th to 10th grade we have a focus on helping our students to find out about their interests being supported by cooperations with local companies and businesses in finding the right job after school. Our school is offering our students many options to take part in competitions in science or technology or to discover the cultural life in the region by visiting the theatre and the opera. Regarding the challenge of integration our students are actively engaged in the network “Schule gegen Rassismus”/ schools against racism. There are also many club options in the afternoon in being an active part of the school life, for example learning to play golf or visiting the local retirement home to interact with the elderly, school gardening, “Medienscouts”. Some students offer dance or instrument classes for their classmates.
Furthermore we are cooperating with many local businesses in Hövelhof and in Paderborn with the HNF-MuseumsForum in Paderborn, the world’s biggest computer museum.
Since many years our school is cooperating with the “Biologische Station Senne”. Every year in September the students of year 7 are working actively for one day in our cultural protected landscape, the “Senne”, to protect the native plants characteristic for this landscape. In technology we participated succesfully several times at the “Bobby Car Solar Cup”. Our school has had installed a photovoltaics system for more than 10 years.

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