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Konradin-Realschule is a modern secondary school in Bavaria and the oldest secondary school in our area. There are about 800 students and 60 teachers at our school. Students start in year 5 and graduate after year 10. From year 7 on they specialize in different fields like maths, business studies, French or art. There are few students with special needs at our school (hearing difficulties manly). For students with dyslexia we offer additional classes in the afternoon (together with a school dog). One year classes 5 and 6 learn to play a muscial instrument. We offer different clubs at school: Business English, Spanish, drama, band, artistics, tutors, paramedics. The different groups regularly take part in competitions and also have performances inside and
outside school. There are also cooperations with the local companies Segmueller and voxeljet (international business). We are experienced in working together with other people in Europe as there has been an exchange with a school in France for decades. Also, all our year 9 classes go on a trip to England and stay there in host families. Five years ago we started an exchange with a school in Italy. We also hosted American students that were travelling Europe with the programme People to People. Every year we invite native speakers / teachers to our school to do some lessons with our students. We have taken part in some eTwinning projects as well. Some years ago we hosted a teacher from Mongolia and arranged an itinerary for her so that she could do job shadowing at our school. Some of the teachers who have taken responsibilities in carrying out these
projects as well as the previous Erasmus+Key action 2 project will engage themselves in this project we are planning. All of these teachers are experienced in going abroad, staying in host families and dealing with projects that could occur. The Erasmus+coordinator at our school who has got experiences in most of the above mentioned projects is the one who will supervise and arrange everything. These teachers are used to dealing with different nationalities, are aware of cultural differences and how to solve problems. From the experiences we got from the last key action 2 project we know about the benefits for students, parents and teachers and the whole school community. We chose a very important topic to work on which affects the future of our students because we would make them aware about the dangers, their involvement and possibilities and also give them the chance of interaction with other countries which they would not have otherwise.

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