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Ingunnarskóli school is situated in capital Reykjavik with about 400 pupils who come from the neighborhood. A small part of them are pupils with special needs. There are 39 teachers at our school and about eleven with other pedagogical educations.
Our students are motivated and they feel it’s very important to do something right away to save the planet. They feel that our generation has destroyed the future.
We would like to use their energy and enthusiasm to give them the opportunity to put their marks to the community.
Ingunnarskóli has been Green Flag school since 2017 and the school policy says that all the staff and students should respect the environment and show responsibility and kindness. To follow this we present the local environment and the many opportunities that it provides.
The school is focused on recycling and the sorting of rubbish and is trying to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.
Every year we appoint students that become special “environment friends”. They are responsible for fulfilling the school’s environmental agreement.
Students are offered a porridge in the beginning of the school day. For lunch, they get healthy food with vegetables and fruits and fresh water. We focus on food waste, and from January 2018, the students have been helping themselves to get the right portion at lunch to avoid food waste.
In Ingunnarskóli we have been working for years in a project that has the goal of helping the student to create something new from old things and invent something new like an inventor. Our students have been participating in an innovation competition (NKG) for primary schools with very good results, for example last year Ingunnarskóli had 7 students out of 15 in the final.
The NKG is an idea competition for students in the 5th to 7th grade in Icelandic primary schools.The students receive instructions on how to develop a project from an idea to its realisation in their field of interest. This process activates the creative power of students and rational thinking, enhancing their self-esteem and resourcefulness.

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