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Østbirk Skole

Østbirk School is a primary and lower secondary school for 6-16 years old pupils. Østbirk school is located in the municipality of Horsens. The municipality has almost 90,000 inhabitants.The school is located in the small town of Østbirk, which is 15 km from Horsens. The school has approx. 450 pupils from Kindergarten to 9th grade. The school has 45 employees, teachers, educators and other staff.
It is the first time this schools applies for an Erasmus+project, but the contact person has already carried out other Erasmus projects at another school. The school is an important part of the community, and it has a good and close cooperation with the local community, parents and pupils. “It’s all about the children” is the motto of Horsens municipality’s primary and lower secondary schools, and at Østbirk school we take this very seriously. This means that we want all children to learn as much as they can, while at the same time experiencing that they are part of a community. Therefore we also have a good cooperation with several local businesses.
At Østbirk School we have two very special offers which are Lego education and Fine-reader. We have a room full of lego for teaching. Here all subjects and classes are taught, students learn about programming and problem solving. Several of the teachers have a special education how to include lego in their teaching.
Fine-reader is a municipal courses for pupils with dyslexia difficulties. Fine Reader consists of an eight week teaching course at Østbirk School. The primary goal is to familiarize pupils with IT-supporting teaching and IT-compensating tools in order to increase their self-reliance in writing and reading.
Every Friday all classes have a ‘project day’, where we try to give the pupils different inputs, on these days it is possible to take the pupils out of the classrooms and work practically, visit companies, participate in cultural events and other exciting things. We focus on learning in many different ways.
We also pay a lot of attention to include physical movement for the pupils during lessons, good academic results, nice and good atmosphere and a good social tone, positive expectations and a growth mindset.
The motivation for joining an Erasmus+ KA2 project is that we want to open our pupils mind to Europe, and the main topic in this project is very interesting for the school and the pupils. Our pupils are motivated, and they feel that it is very important to do something right away to save the planet. We would like to use their energy and enthusiasm to give them opportunity to put their marks to the community.


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