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Activities in Hövelhof – our last traditional food market

At each meeting we have a food market. It is a market, where each country has its own little stall. At the stall you can taste different food, drinks, candy, cake you name it, things that come from this specific country and which the students have brought from home. The stall is also decorated with flags, pictures and other stuff from the country.

When you walk around the market, you feel like you are at an international market place, you can taste different food, smell different food and spices, listen to different music and listen to different languages. It is a melting pot, where different nationalities meet and join each other’s differences.

It is a nice place for the students to meet and talk to each other, because everybody is curious about what the others have brought from home, but at the same time they are proud to show what they have brought themselves.

The food market was held on Tuesday. Having the market early in the process is a good way for the kids to get to know each other and to shake up the group. (E. Gudlaugsdottir & G. Bjarnadottir)