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Activities in Hövelhof – “The fragile paradise”, exhibition in the Gasometer Oberhausen

Students before entering the Gasometer Oberhausen
The ground floor of the Gasometer
guided tour in english for our students

The Gasometer in Oberhausen is a disc-type gas holder. It functions according to a principle which was developed by MAN Gustavsburg near Mainz in 1915.

From the end of October 2019 until the winter of 2021, the Oberhausen Gasometer was extensively renovated. The funding commitments from the federal government, the state and the Ruhr Regional Association made the extensive refurbishment possible.

The first exhibition after the renovation of the gasometer shows the beauty of nature and the influence of humans on their environment. “The Fragile Paradise” takes visitors on a visually stunning journey through the turbulent climate history of our earth and shows in impressive, award-winning photographs and videos how the flora and fauna changed during the Anthropocene.

Fire, wind and water – these elemental forces form the spectacular introduction to the new Gasometer exhibition. Visitors experience the effects of these natural phenomena on the climate history of our planet. Under the motto “One Earth – Many Worlds”, the visitors discover the paradisiacal biodiversity of our planet in the round under the gas pressure disc. Unique large-format photographs and gripping film clips allow the viewer to climb into the treetops of the rainforest with sloths, romp playfully across the pack ice with young polar bears or roam through tundra and taiga with a herd of caribou. 

The highlight of the exhibition is a monumental sculpture of the earth, onto which new, high-resolution satellite images are projected. The view from space allows us to see how unique the Blue Planet is and also leaves us scientists constantly amazed.

The exhibition shows the beauty of our planet that is worthy of protection! (M. Bukdahl)

The giant earth display